Pharmaceutical Plant
Demolition Survey.

M3 Associates were delighted to have the opportunity to work at an interesting location during a large-scale demolition project.

A former pharmaceutical manufacturing plant was due for demolition and M3 Associates were appointed to carry out demolition surveys to the numerous buildings on site. Challenges were presented in the form of job scale/time limitations and working away during Covid-19. The site work was to be completed within 1 month with the reports delivered within the following 10 days. In order to meet the requirements, the survey teams stayed in rented accommodation for the duration of the survey becoming their own household bubble.

One building posed additional challenges due to its perceived history and the sheer volume of lagged pipework present. We identified this specific area as interesting during the pre-quotation site meeting when we were informed by the current occupant that a lot of the lagging had been identified through analysis as asbestos hard-set. We were presented with the previous survey report yet were sceptical of its contents based solely on our brief visual inspection. We could not wait to learn more through our own thorough survey.

Upon commencing the survey within this unusual building it became clear that the approach to management of the suspect material was poorly implemented and haphazard. There was conflicting signage on the same lengths of pipe with identical materials stating both Danger Asbestos and Asbestos Free. There were signs stating this material may contain asbestos. Pipes and tanks that were clearly lagged with foam were labelled as asbestos. The foam lagging was stripped to search for residues with none discovered. We decided to disregard the previous survey and devised our own plan sticking to our own rigorous in-house procedure. Sampling intervals of 3-6m were observed along with changes to the appearance and any joins/elbows investigated.


WhatsApp Image 2020-11-27 at
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-27 at


Following a robust sampling regime which would see us take over 400 samples from this building alone, not one of the lagging samples returned a positive result for asbestos. This example highlights the importance of having your own plan or procedure and trusting it to deliver the correct outcome.

M3 associates are pleased and very proud to say that we concluded the project within the allotted time frame and to the client’s satisfaction.

Archaeological Dig
Consulting Air Monitoring.


M3 Associates had the unique opportunity to assist with the preservation of history.


M3 Associates attended an east London site marked for redevelopment to identify suspect materials during an archaeological dig that took place before new foundations were laid. We discovered widespread cement debris being excavated with no control measures in place. We conducted a survey to the trench and surrounding areas taking both bulk materials and soil samples. We cordoned off the area and advised the client that all activity should halt pending a plan for implementing control measures.


Following production of our report the client was keen to continue work and requested that we assist with this endeavour. We set out a series of control measures that would be adhered to and insisted that the archaeological team were all face fitted with half masks and trained. We carried out toolbox talks on the use of RPE, PPE and local decontamination and set up a decontamination area. We oversaw the dig, ensured the measures were adhered to and carried out reassurance air testing to the perimeter of the site.


The decision to continue was vindicated as many interesting artefacts were uncovered. The archaeologists were very excited and said they made up for having the control measures imposed on them.

Artefact .jpg

Unfortunately, the archaeological dig was halted due to the start of Covid-19 and construction has since continued. We were however pleased to have been involved in such a project.