M3 Associates hold UKAS accreditation (to ISO standards) for the following work.

All the above work is carried out using in-house facilities including our own laboratory

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‘Tick Box’ H&S Audits

There are a number of companies now offering to ‘relieve’ clients of their responsibilities to audit the Health and Safety practices of their suppliers.  On the face of it, these are win-win deals.  They purport to save the client time without cost by making the client’s supplier pay for the privilege.  In practice, these are one or two hour desk reviews of a safety policy.  There are so many of these organisations operating now that even though we have been asked to join one of them about half a dozen times during the last two years, not once has it been the same outfit.

We have noticed that after a short period when the client discovers that this arrangement guarantees neither the quality nor safety practices of any given supplier, the requirement to sign up is quietly dropped.

It is policy for us to decline all such invitations to subscribe to any of these schemes and would ask clients to contrast them with our existing accreditation and auditing scheme (UKAS) which costs us tens of thousands of pounds each year to maintain .  A brief description follows but you can get more information at the UKAS website.

As part of our annual UKAS assessment, M3 are visited for 3 or 4 days by at least two assessors.  They go through all our paperwork, procedures (in which risk assessments and method statements form a significant part), insurances, financials.  They audit our tests, travel out on site with our consultants and audit them carrying out real jobs. We maintain an in-house quality manger whose role is to maintain the quality of our service, the effectiveness and safety of our procedures and to maintain our UKAS accreditation to ISO standards.