The History of an Asbestos Mine in Italy

29th October 2014


For those interested in a little bit of ‘asbestos history’ – M3 consultant Laura Gentile Garofalo has provided us with a power point presentation that she compiled as part of her MSc at Turin University.  The pictures show the Chrysotile Mine at Balangero, near Turin in it’s operational days and then pictures of the site remediation works that started in 1998 after asbestos was banned in Italy in 1992. In the 1970’s, 60% of production was exported … so maybe that corrugated sheet you have on your garden shed has Italian origins?

For those of you who ‘pale’ at the thought of a thermoplastic floor tile containing minute amounts of asbestos, the pictures of men working amongst sacks of crushed pure asbestos fibre may well have you dashing for the drinks cabinet.

Laura’s power point slides are reproduced here.