Asbestos Management back in focus

15th July 2014

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Asbestos Management has been on the back burner for quite a while over the last few years and a number of organisations are now beginning to review where they stand.  One of the main tenets of Asbestos Management is that you have the status and condition of asbestos containing materials regularly monitored and it is often this element that has been slipping.  Budgets were tight and a lot of annual inspections missed.  Inevitably this has led to a loss of control and put some people at risk as materials deteriorate.

Of course the rules don’t help sometimes.  The frequency with which re-inspections must be carried out often depends on the material itself.  So for example, composite pipe lagging should be re-inspected every few months whereas other materials only need inspecting once a year.  This multi-track inspection regime inevitably leads to confusion and most often to the compromise of an annual inspection.

Clients of ours that are in the public eye have been the most rigorous in adhering to the re-inspection timetables while others who are less visible have been leaving it for up to three years without attending to asbestos management matters, risking severe legal censure and potential exposure of staff and visitors.

One simple approach to help you stay on track is the Asbestos Management Plan.  This is a legal requirement and is drawn up to help you organise and keep on top of Asbestos Management.

It is intended to provide procedures and work methods to organise, arrange and carry out their duties in a controlled and safe manner in accordance with legislation.  The document will comply with the requirement in Regulation 4 (8) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 to prepare a written plan that identifies where asbestos is, or may be located and the measures taken to manage risk.

The document will encompass details of all known asbestos containing materials at the site(s).  It will also include recommendations for the ongoing management of the materials in relation to any planned works, emergency procedures and for the prevention of exposure for all those who may come in contact with the materials

If you would like M3 to help you develop a Management plan for your business or portfolio drop us a line today at or telephone 01582 866800 and one of our consultants will talk you through the process.

The Asbestos Management Plan translates aspirations, budgets and goals into a working plan for ensuring that asbestos management becomes ……. manageable.