Mesothelioma deaths up 10%

5th August 2014

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Recently released Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics have shown an alarming 10% increase in deaths from mesothelioma between 2011 and 2012.  Total deaths in 2011 were 2,291. This had risen to 2,535 in 2012.

It is notoriously difficult to assess the effectiveness of current asbestos control measures given the latency of cause and effect.  Exposure to asbestos can cause fatalities years after exposure so all that can be said from the figures above is that during an unknown period in the past, asbestos control measures were not sufficient to protect workers – or those control measures weren’t properly adhered to.

Presently, the best employers can do to safeguard their employees (and other third parties) is to follow HSE guidance and legislation scrupulously and ensure that corners are not cut.

Here’s hoping the 2013 figures show a better trend.